What Hi-Fi?What Hi-fi - November 2001 <% else %>  "The biggest revelation here was the TAG McLaren 60i/60P combination, where the addition of the power amp took the sound we heard from the integrated into a whole new league.

"The 60i provides a high levels of detail allied to superb punch and drive in the bass, and a crisp, clean midband. The power may seem modest on paper, at just 60W per channel, but the amp can in fact deliver 95W into 4 ohm load and 130W into 2 ohms for short term peaks, so dynamic ability is never in question.

"The TAG 60i is hugely impressive, but it's even better with the 60P, sounding bigger and more open!... If your speakers can hack it, this is seriously thrilling stuff, daring you to push the levels harder and see how far the amps can go. The answer is a long way, and when you consider this ability is available in a two-box package little larger than a conventional integrated amp, the case for the 60i/60P is pretty conclusive."

sound build verdict

What Hi-fi - November 2001 <% end if %>

<% if request("sog") <> "yes" then %> What Hi-Fi?"Build quality is good. Hard-anodised metal knobs and cool blue power indicator lights are special touches. Very dynamic, with a real up and at 'em approach that ideally suits fast, energetic systems.

"The TMAs positively fizz through Pearl Jam's raucous No Way. Ed Vedder's voice is solidly positioned at the heart of the soundstage, while the snare drum's crack-crack is tight and crisp.

"If musical insight is your idea of hi-fi heaven, then the PA10/60P amps will take you there and back.

"Choose a purer recording, like John Lee Hooker's Tupelo, and the TMAs sound excellent, hammering out his powerful, quick-fire guitar, and capturing the intimacy of his wheezing, rattling breath."

What Hi-Fi? - February 1999

"After bringing the repeat button to bear a good few times, it was obvious these TAGs were a cut above the transistor crowd. Cymbal crashes, like triangles, were tonally superior to the norm, strings smoother, and sound staging and imaging more precise.

"World Verdict: Both the PA10 and 60P fully justify their cost with very musical and revealing performances."

Hi-Fi World - November 1998

"String instruments possessed an intense glowing sound... This transparency is not achieved with a technical flavour, nothing scratches or jars, no hard elements ever came into play... The 60P sounded relaxed and fine, showing brilliant details and atmosphere.

"Summary: the products from TAG McLaren Audio are clearly better than Audiolab's. One should not be confused by the well-recognised brand name; the very distinct design within these slim products is first class and still affordable."

Hifi & Records - November 1998 <% end if %>

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